Our factory reflects the countless hours of experience we have spent on production floors all around the world. We have used this knowledge and experience to build a modern, lean and quality focused production infrastructure, using the best technology available.


WE ARE THE PARTNER OF CHOICE, from design to manufacturing! REDCATT serves OEM customers all around the globe, delivering the OEM products worldwide.


We are sure we can fully meet your requirements!


The core management team at REDCATT has been sourcing and designing transducers and components, sub-assemblies and systems in China for over 20 years.


Our engineers are audio industry veterans, with deep knowledge in the design, sourcing, quality management and production operation areas. You will find out we can support any of your needs trough entire project span.


Our team members have been working all around the world for the biggest players in the audio market with direct R&D, quality and manufacturing experience.


Our flexible, friendly approach, backed with open communications ensures the projects are in the good hands.



Our team combined knowledge ensures we can design and produce the best speakers and systems while meeting your performance and cost targets.


We have direct experience with the challenges and risks of sourcing parts in China. Our factory, our communications style and business culture represent our experience and our desire to be “easy to work with”. To that end, we strive to be direct and transparent in all aspects of our customer relationships.


Your goals are also our goals!




REDCATT team uses all modern technologies to communicate globally with our partners. From conferencing, reporting, project management tools, issue recordings to data sharing. We are sure you will find out our communication style to be easy to work with.


On top of that, our unique production management system is here and accessible worldwide, providing you with unique view into our quality and manufacturing management.





REDCATT can serve you in all aspects of loudspeaker life-cycle. Contact us with your inquiries.


  • Transducer Design, Engineering and Manufacturing
  • System enclosure Design, Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Audio Electronic Design, Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Concept, application and costing analysis
  • Motor and transducer modeling
  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical design
  • Transducer Soft part selection and design
  • Prototype assembly and testing
  • Power testing
  • Reliability testing
  • Costing, budgeting and bill of material analysis
  • Cost down analysis
  • Detailed manufacturing and quality control plan
  • Procurement, scheduling and delivery





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